Co-creating our Future


Once leaders have participated in an event, module or programme they are encouraged to pioneer ‘New Leadership’ back in to their work and communities.  To support their pioneering work the leaders are invited to join one of the Communities of Practice:

Foundation Community: This is a community of leaders who have participated in at least one of the Foundation Modules.  Leaders within this community support each informally and through an online discussion group.  There are also opportunities to practise mindfulness, creative dialogue and reconnected leadership through participating in one day events.

Co-Create Community: This will be a community of leaders who have completed the Co-Create Leaders Programme.  Joining this community is an opportunity for leaders to collaborate in creating a better society for us all. To aid this collaboration the leaders will be invited to participate in ‘Co-Create Space’ weekends, which will enable them to:

  • Have a sense what is emerging from the future
  • Determine how these changes will affect them, their organisations and society
  • Imagine who these changes could develop so as to create a better society
  • Explore how they can use their leadership within their organisations to bring these changes into reality
  • Agree how they will collaborate to create a better future


Young Leaders Community: This community will be for young leaders who have participated in a Young Leaders Programme.  This will be primarily an online discussion group using an established social media platform for leaders between the ages of 14 to 21.


Being a member of the Create Seven Co-operative Community is required before joining the Foundation and Co-Create Communities of Practice.

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