Create Seven is constantly being ‘Co-Created’ by its community.  There are many different ways in which you can get involved and become part of the Create Seven Community.



Receive News and Updates


You can sign up to join our community and receive regular updates about our news, articles, podcasts and videos. When you sign up you will receive a copy of our short e-book ‘Developing New Leadership’ (preview)



Get Your Voice Heard


On our voices wall we’re collecting lots of people’s voices sharing why they believe new leadership is important.  We would very much like to hear your voice.  All you need to do is record a short video of you talking about why you believe new leadership is important and upload it here.


Online Community


Join our Facebook Group to engage in dialogue with other leaders who are  exploring the need for new leadership, and how it can be developed, to create a more sustainable society.



Society Membership


Create Seven will be a not-for-profit ‘Community Benefit Society’ run as a co-operative and owned by its members.  Once you have completed one of the modules you will be given the opportunity to become a member of the Create  Seven Co-operative Society.  The benefits of membership will be:


  • Joining a Community of Practice
  • Access to the EBSCO Learning Portal
  • Continuing  your development
  • Voting on the strategic direction of Create Seven
  • Attending a yearly conference


We have two types of society membership:

  • Foundation Community Members – open to leaders who have completed a Foundation Module
  • Co-Create Community Members – open to leaders who have completed the Co-Create Leaders Programme


Steering Group


Once you have become a Co-Create Community Member  you will be able to apply to join the Steering Group, that guides the management and  future development of Create Seven, when vacancies become available.




Every year a position on the Board of Directors  is put up for election.  Being a member of the Co-operative Society will entitle you to put yourself forward to be elected to be a Director of Create Seven.

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