The next Module, of the renamed 'Introduction to New Leadership', is being delivered on 8th - 10th July 2018 at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Discovering New Leadership will springboard your leadership capability to the highest stages.  It covers what New Leadership could look like and how it could be developed.   You will experience some activities which have been found to facilitate leaders developing the capability required to demonstrate New Leadership and develop by being grounded in the earth as you reach for the sky. The module ends with you determining how you can pioneer new leadership back in your workplace and community. 

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Next Module 4th - 6th March 2018 at the Centre for Alternative Technology. On this module the participants explore the ‘Concept of New Leadership’, try out some of the ‘Preparation Techniques’ which help us to make the transition to New Leadership, and experience ‘Being Grounded in the Earth whilst Reaching for the Sky’.  This is a Foundation Module and enables progress to the Co-Create Leaders Programme.

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25th February 2018 in London. What comes to mind when you think of leadership? We have found that a lot of people experience the word ‘leadership’ as being divisive, elitist and negative.  We need to ‘reclaim’ the word for everyone so that it’s not just seen as belonging to people in positions of power and authority. This will involve us co-creating a new narrative for leadership which is inclusive and positive. To start co-creating a new narrative for leadership we, in partnership with Creating Meaning, are holding a free one-day Bohm Dialogue workshop.

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