This poem was written by a participant as he reflected on his experience of being a Pioneer on the pilot of ‘Discovering New Leadership’.  It only took him about 10 minutes.



10 Minutes in Silence


10 minutes is what they said ….

10 minutes?

10 minutes in silence.

10 minutes?

10 minutes, yes.

10 minutes to do what?

10 minutes to think.

10 minutes …

10 whole minutes …

10 minutes and I found my place, to sit and think, I don’t do that.

10 minutes and I was lost in my thoughts.

10 minutes went pretty quickly really, and I saw things. Actually saw things.

10 minutes was all it took.

10 whole minutes.

10 minutes in silence.

10 minutes is what they said.

And I’m thankful for those 10 minutes.

I didn’t think I had 10 minutes.



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