One of our own Create Seven team, Jill, was keen to be a participant and have the full experience of ‘connecting with nature’ during the last Discovering New Leadership module in July.  ‘Connecting with nature’ enables us to learn from elements of nature (rather than about nature) in terms of its form (what it looks like), it’s processes (how it survives and grows) and it’s ecosystems (how it lives with aspects of nature) to inform own leadership development.


During this activity Jill followed Gary’s facilitation and guidance and took time to pause and BE in nature, being drawn to what took her attention and listening and observing in a full way, connecting with the space and the nature at CAT.   Following the experience she used the journal time to capture some thoughts and words that would help her to reconnect with the experience and take forward the insights and experience in her leadership.  When revisiting the notes in her journal a few weeks later, she used her notes to create the following poem which Jill feels captured her personal experience of connecting with nature, and the learning that she took from this…



A leaf among leaves


A moment.  Now.  To look

Notice, how many leaves..

Notice, how many types…

Notice, each leaf

Notice, the leaves


Ponder and wonder…

Do these outnumber us, here, at this time?

How much attention do they seek?

How much do they give?

How much do they take?

How far in the past?

How much in the future?

Are they the bridesmaid or are they the bride?


Suspend these thoughts….listen…

Alone, with no fuss, a leaf dances silently in the breeze

Together an orchestra rustling in harmony catching attention

The first leaf, the last leaf, a party of leaves, a carpet of leaves


Leaf being a leaf, unaware it is defined by shape, size and colour, labelled, categorised

It continues to protect, nourish, grow, give and let go

Forest of shade, canopy of colour, walkers delight, painters palette, colony shelter

Leaves… an imprint on memory an imprint on experience


Leaf, leaf, leaves…knowing, accepting, playing, in the tree system, in the earths rhythm

Me, you, many….surrendering ‘I’ to the tree, the earth and at ease in the cycle of life


Jill Chapman

31st July 2018



The next 'Discovering New Leadership' module at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Snowdonia is on 16th to 18th September.  Download a flyer for this module here.



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