Going Deeper - Community of Practice


Going Deeper


This ‘Community of Practice' is open to leaders who have completed the Co-Create Leaders Programme.  It is an opportunity for leaders to take to a deeper level some of the practices they experienced during the Intensive Development Week.  These include:


  • Wilderness Week - Five days trekking in mountains with wild camping. During this week the leaders will engage in numerous development activities, receive coaching, and engage in solo reflection time.
  • Mindful Leadership Retreat - Five days of mindfulness practice relevant for post-conventional leaders.  This practice will include 24 hours of silence mid-way during the retreat. 
  • Creating Space - Three days of practising how to hold the space necessary for other people to engage in creative dialogue and co-create the future.  The leaders will learn how to foster the physical, social and psychological space that enables people to engage in creative dialogue. 


As these Communities of Practice are held in various locations around the world, the fees will be determined for each ‘Practice’ accordingly.



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