How – Approach and Methods


Psychological development is often termed ‘vertical’ growth as it increases a leader’s capacity to lead.  Whereas, training and education are often called ‘horizontal’ growth as they increase a leader’s knowledge and skill.  To enable the transition to their highest stages of vertical growth, we focus on advancing leaders’ psychological development through accessing new ways of perceiving, experiencing, understanding and relating to their world.  The transition takes place when the leader faces and overcomes an appropriate developmental challenge.  

Successful engagement in the challenge requires that leaders must first be prepared, through using scientifically researched psychological techniques that increase agility in how they think, feel and behave.  As they prepare for and undertake the challenge, the developing leaders need to be supported with compassion and understanding.

Create Seven prepares, challenges and supports leaders to make the transition to the next stage in their development.  Everyone in the development process journeys together and is united in their common humanity. Once the leaders have developed to the post-conventional stages we ‘hold the space’ they need to co-create a more sustainable future.

Through applying imagination, science and humanity Create Seven enables leaders to advance their development to their highest stages.


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