These modules, programmes and communities of practice are led by a core team of highly qualified and trained leadership development facilitators who have a great deal of experience developing leaders in public, not-for-profit and private organisations across a range of sectors. The core facilitators are all psychologists.  A wider team of guest facilitators, with wide ranging skills, support the core team.




Terry Sexton, BSc, MSc, MBA


Terry is a Leadership Psychologist. He has considerable experience in developing leaders across a range of different industries and sectors, from graduates to executives. He has been trained in techniques from Gestalt Coaching, Psychosynthesis, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Appreciative Inquiry, and is qualified in a wide range of psychometrics.  Terry has also completed a Foundation Course in Core Process Psychotherapy and has gained a Certificate in Leadership and Facilitation at Schumacher College.  He is a Fellow of the RSA and a guest lecturer at the University of Kent.  Terry is also a Director of a business psychology consultancy, the Create Network, and a social enterprise, the Create Community Network.


Jill Chapman, BA, MSc, AFBPS, CPsychol.


Jill is an HPC Registered Occupational Psychologist. She is a highly experienced facilitator, coach and mindfulness trainer, and is qualified in a wide range of tools and instruments to enable people to achieve their full potential.  She has international experience working in public, private and not for profit sectors.  Jill uses Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training and a range of psychological tools and techniques in her work with her diverse range of clients from Board members to graduates and participants in Create Community Network’s programmes.  Jill is a founder of the Create Network and Director of the Create Community Network.


Gary King, BA (Hons), MSc 


Gary is a Psychologist and qualified Outdoor Learning and Development Facilitator.  He applies his experience, knowledge and understanding to challenge and support leaders in their development, as well as young people and adults in community development programmes.  He has led many wilderness expeditions and successfully undertook a seven-day solo trek in the Pyrenees. Gary is passionate about developing better leaders who will positively influence organisations, communities and governments, and ultimately produce better societies. He is interested in the practical use of psychological leadership development models, as well as using the outdoors and wild places as a vehicle for delivery. Such an approach isn’t necessarily in the traditional ‘fear-invoking’ or ‘thrill-seeking’ team building style: his approach is experiential, contemplative and considered. 


Chris Nickolay 


Chris is a qualified and experienced Storyteller.  He worked for 20 years as a trainer, writer and facilitator in the children and young people’s team in the central organisation of Quakers in Britain. Chris currently describes himself as a story worker with a growing interest in how story from a variety of traditions can enable and encourage each of us in our reflections and action about current global, social and organisational concerns.



Beth McManus, BSc, MSc 


Beth is a freelance psychologist and illustrator who is focused on creativity, wellbeing and emotions at work. Beth is currently applying her psychological knowledge as an associate for a number of organisations and documenting events through illustration for clients such as Manchester International Festival. She is part of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology ‘Youth Employment’ working group who work to ensure that Occupational Psychology as a profession makes a distinct contribution to issues relating to youth employment. As a qualified coach, Beth is part of a pilot scheme at Manchester Metropolitan University supporting final year Business and Law students with their employability through individual and group coaching sessions.


Doe Warnes, FwSS, RSME/T, ITEC


Doe is a workshop facilitator at Create Seven

Doe is a Somatic movement educator/teacher, Dance/movement therapist, shiatsu practitioner and anatomy & physiology tutor. Over the last 40 years she has given shiatsu to people of all ages, abilities, cultures and health issues and has taught extensively throughout London and Hertfordshire. Doe combines knowledge of the body/mind, taken from an eastern and western point of view, with a sensory experience of the moving body.
Connecting deeply to our inner selves and to our outer environment with greater awareness often brings a feeling of being grounded and integrated. This can promote health, well-being and ease of movement.

Doe has always been inspired and fascinated by the human body, from the scientific to the esoteric. She is committed in raising body-awareness as a way to find inner resources and support within nature. She has taught within a range of professional trainings including: Roehampton University, The British School of Shiatsu, The City Lit and Eastern Europe, as well as her own workshops and in collaboration with other professionals.


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