These modules, programmes and communities of practice are led by a core team of highly qualified and trained leadership development facilitators who have a great deal of experience developing leaders in public, not-for-profit and private organisations across a range of sectors. The core facilitators are all psychologists. A wider team of guest facilitators, with wide ranging skills, support the core team.



Core Team


Jill Chapman

BA, MSc, AFBPSs, CPsychol.

Organisational Psychologist

Gary King

BA. (Hons), MSc

Outdoor Learning Psychologist


Extended Team


Richard McKie

MSc., MSc,


Chris Nickolay


Stassie King

MSc, MSc.

Organisational Psychologist

Beth McManus

BSc, MSc

Freelance Psychologist & Illustrator

Doe Warnes


Workshop Facilitator

Volker Patent

Chartered Psychologist


Carolina Karlstrom

MSc., MSc.

Sustainability Coach

Terry Sexton

BSc. (Hons), MSc, MBA

Leadership Psychologist

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