These podcasts will explore how leadership is changing to enable us to deal with the increasing level of complexity in our lives.  They will challenge the assumptions and perspectives of old ‘conventional’ leadership and will seek to demonstrate how it is making our society unsustainable.  To lead us towards a more sustainable society they will advocate that we need new ‘post-conventional’ leadership.   The podcasts will then explore how we can demonstrate new leadership by developing to our highest stages.


This is the third and final podcast in the 'Who is a Leader' series. In this podcast Terry, Gary and Jill first recap previous discussions on the concept of everyday leadership.  They then move on to explore definitions leadership and the concept of leadership development.   Once these concepts are established the conversation moves on to how we can all develop our leadership by changing how we perceive, experience, understand and interact with the world.

Most people do not recognise that they are leaders, but in fact all of us are leading all the time. Every time we make a decision or take an action it has an impact on our society. It is the collective decisions and actions of us all that creates our society.  Through our everyday leadership we all create our society.

We believe everyone is a leader and, together, we can create a better future.  We recognise that, traditionally, only the people at the top of organisations were viewed as being leaders.  This podcast explores and challenges this and other traditional views of leadership.  

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