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These podcasts will explore how leadership is changing to enable us to deal with the increasing level of complexity in our lives.  They will challenge the assumptions and perspectives of old ‘conventional’ leadership and will seek to demonstrate how it is making our society unsustainable.  To lead us towards a more sustainable society they will advocate that we need new ‘post-conventional’ leadership.   The podcasts will then explore how we can demonstrate new leadership by developing to our highest stages.


Audio guide for Opening up to Emotions in the body, for participants of the Psychological Flexibility to Boost Collaboration Training Session.  

This short 15 minute audio guide is designed for you to be fully present and connected with yourself, your walk and your environment.  Enabling you to let go of all the thoughts, worries and concerns you may presently have and fully enjoy and connect with being in the walk and being in the outdoors.  We hope you enjoy.  You can find us at www.createseven.org  please get in touch when the time is right to see how we can support you and your organisation to be fully conscious and connected for sustainable growth.

In celebration of the 50th Earth Day, we invite you to take advantage of this free 'Connecting with Nature at Home' audio guide. The guide has been recorded during the current lockdown and isolation, and so gently guides you to connect with something of nature in the home, and includes space to reflect on your leadership. We hope you enjoy it and would love for you to get in touch and let us know how it was for you. Be well and stay safe, and of course, Happy 50th Earth Day!

Looking after our own wellbeing at work is more important than ever before. To create great outcomes, deliver sustainability at work and in the world, we firstly need to sustain ourselves. Here is an opportunity to practice self-kindness, take a pause and 'take 5'. The more you practice and 'take 5' the greater the benefit for you, your business and society. It is likely you give time to others, now is the time to give yourself this moment. Enjoy..

This podcast is produced as part of Co-operative Fortnight celebrations.  This is two weeks of mass co-operation to spread the co-op word and share the values that make our businesses different. The conversation is hosted by Jill Chapman and Gary King from Create Seven CIC Co-operative.  Create Seven develop and empower people to create a more sustainable future.  They are passionate about connecting and co-operating to transform society.  They are joined by Juliet Mulholland a Member Pioneer and Team Manager for the Co-op in North Hertfordshire, and John Atherton who is Head of Membership for Co-operatives UK. 

The evidence and research shows the importance of nature and mindfulness for our mental health and well-being. However we all know deep down the power and wisdom in nature. At times of stress we naturally retreat to nature and find the peace and ease we seek. This short guided practice is our gift to you in mental health awareness week, we invite you to gift yourself the space and time to listen. Be well, happy and have peace.

When we say to people we believe everyone is a leader, the response we sometimes get back is “no I’m not a leader”.  Further discussion around how we all lead every day can then prompt the response “no, I don’t want to be a leader”.  It has become clear, from their perspective, ‘leadership’ is a dirty word and they don’t want anything to do with it.  Yet from our perspective, we see them leading every day. It is the prevailing narrative coming through our televisions, radios and newspapers on a daily basis, that is leading people to experience leadership as being elitist, divisive and negative.

This is the third and final podcast in the 'Who is a Leader' series. In this podcast Terry, Gary and Jill first recap previous discussions on the concept of everyday leadership.  They then move on to explore definitions leadership and the concept of leadership development.   Once these concepts are established the conversation moves on to how we can all develop our leadership by changing how we perceive, experience, understand and interact with the world.

Most people do not recognise that they are leaders, but in fact all of us are leading all the time. Every time we make a decision or take an action it has an impact on our society. It is the collective decisions and actions of us all that creates our society.  Through our everyday leadership we all create our society.

We believe everyone is a leader and, together, we can create a better future.  We recognise that, traditionally, only the people at the top of organisations were viewed as being leaders.  This podcast explores and challenges this and other traditional views of leadership.  

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