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Create Seven  provides leaders with the space, community and facilitation necessary to develop to the post-conventional stages and gain the capability to employ 'new leadership' through:


Foundation Modules

These modules provide the foundations from which leaders are able to build their development towards the post-conventional stages.  The core modules provide leaders with the basic toolkit enabling them to fully engage in the ‘Co-create Leaders Programme’.

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Creative Dialogue - Community of Practice

Once leaders have completed the Creative Dialogue Module they have the opportunity to periodically engage in Creative Dialogue Sessions.  These sessions give the leaders the opportunity to practice and hone their creative dialogue skills.

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Co-Create Leaders Programme

A  programme which includes: Orientation Guidance, Gaining New Perspectives, Workplace Activities, Coaching, Intensive Development Week, Leadership Challenge, Action Inquiry, and Review Weekend. Once the leaders have completed this programme, they are invited to become full members of the ‘Create Seven Co-operative Society’.

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Enabling Programme

Leaders who are not yet at the stage of development required to enter the ‘Co-Create Leaders Programme’ are given access to an ‘Enabling Programme’.

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Co-Create Space - Community of Practice

An opportunity for ‘Co-Create Community Members’ to create the space in their lives necessary for them to work together, to sense what is emerging in our wider society, imagine what is now possible and use their collective leadership to contribute in co-creating the future we desire.

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Going Deeper - Community of Practice

Opportunities for ‘Co-Create Community Members’ to continue their development by engaging at a deeper level with some of the activities they experienced during the Intensive Development week of the Co-Create Leaders Programme.
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To get an overview of how these modules and programmes combine to develop post-conventional leaders take a look at this flow diagram.

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